This personal website was constructed and is made available by myself as the sole owner of the registered domain name The primary purpose of the website is to gather any surviving historical information related to the cycle manufacturing, retail and wholesale company set up by David Rattray in Glasgow. In particular but not exclusively the pedal cycles that they manufactured and primarily sold under the brand name’s ‘The Scot,' and ‘The Flying Scot’ but also including others produced and sold by them of their own manufacture between 1928 and 1983.

The aim is to share this information and make it widely available and to get a better understanding of how the Flying Scot bicycles were produced and sold. The registered names “The Scot” “The Flying Scot” and “Milano” were as assets of David Rattray & Co. Ltd. sold by the liquidators in 1983. These were purchased by Dales (Cycles) Ltd. Frames and Cycles were produced by Dales (Cycles) Ltd. until 1999 and are also included in the information provided here.

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As this is website is a purely personal activity carried out by myself it is not then subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act (2018) which encompasses GDPR (2018).

Much of the information used and made available is obtained as a result of personal research by myself or has been provided by contributors to the website who may be past or present owners of the products of the company. Other historical information may also have been provided by those individuals who were more directly involved including the former company owner’s or employees and their relatives. Where this information including any images provided are made generally available on the website, the owner has consented to its use. The only data held on the website or its associated servers are the frame number and possibly an associated contact name. No home or email address or the content of emails is held on the wesbsite, all being passed on to an entirely separate system. The full record is maintained manually .

Consent Is sought by written or by electronic means for the use of images specifically for the Frame Register. The company records of frames and bicycles produced by Rattray's, were destroyed during its final years. To form a historical record of the frames and bicycles produced and in what year, an informal Frame Register is stored, controlled and maintained by myself. Only the bare minimum of data i.e. a name associated with a Frame number is available or stored on the website. This is only done with the knowledge of the person providing them and where possible with their consent. A form has been provided for the Frame Register & Image Consent

If you need further information or clarification of what is stored as part of the Frame Register, please do not hesitate to get in touch initially by email and by using via the
contact button which is available on all of the web pages or alternatively by CLICKING HERE .

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