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What better example of the popularity of the Flying Scot's...


CameraIn the absence of the original production records, allegedly destroyed during the later years of the company, a good source in helping to identify the various changes in style and construction that took place are the details and pictures of Rattrays Scot's in both past and present ownership. Whilst some allowance has to made for changes to them made over the years since they were purchased, it is nevertheless a good indication of the marques continuing popularity both here in Scotland and abroad.

Each gallery is based on the frames year of manufacture according to the dates provided by the unique frame number, and as such also provides an informal register of Flying Scot's.

To view the Gallery of Scot's for each time period, click on the appropriate button below.

Pre 1945 l'Ecosse Frames
1945 to 1949    
1950 to 1954 Post Rattrays
1955 to 1959 Scot or Not ? Mystery Frames
1960 to 1964    
1965 to 1970    
1971 to 1976    
1977 to 1983    

If you would like to see your own past or present Scot featured within these pages, do please get in touch. You will be given full credit by name (unless you specifically wish that it is witheld, for any contribution made to the gallery, and don't worry that your machine might be considered a little weary as a Scot in any condition adds to the information known and available on the web site.

Please note no other personal information is retained nor e-mail addresses passed out or stored anywhere online. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed to the gallery so far.
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