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This is a non-profit making organisation of one (me and a computer, and as much time and money as I can spare...) It has no commercial value whatsoever. Any help is much appreciated, and for the benefit of the website, and for anyone else who reads it.. Needless to say this is very much an amateur history effort, not "professional" with time for extended research or with access to vast resources.

Do your bit to help keep this website up-to-date, and constantly changing and to improve the accuracy. I am interested in anything remotely 'Scot' related, including former members of Rattrays staff, or for that matter even if your Mum or Dad worked for them.

In particular help is sought with ;

  • Details of your Flying Scot... No matter how complete or rusty it doesn't matter as it's the detail that counts.
  • Flying Scot 'Ephemera'... Rattrays had their own branded bells and musettes, and were rumoured to have water bottles and cyling caps as well. Have you got one - like to sell it?, or even pass on a photo or scan of it ?.
  • The Shops... at Murray Street and Alexandra Parade are the better known ones, but do you remember Dalhousie Street after they first left Murray Street ? Also what about the High Street 'branch' shop ?
  • The Successful Flying Scot Riders... One of the best known being Billy Bisland, but what about all the others out there ? or if he was a member of your club.
  • Those That Got Away... They were sent to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Japan - in fact in 1947 Rattray's fitted out an entire team with Scot's, and are thought to have supplied a US Olympic Team with track machines. What happened to them, and where are the riders now ?
  • Non-Cycle Work... Not only were Rattrays a cycle retail/trade shop and frame builder, but also small Light Engineering Company and eventually a sales and spares outlet for amongst others Honda motorcycles - Any insights or memories about this aspect of the company would be much appreciated.
  • Photo's... Whilst photo of Scot's are of course warmly welcomed, does anyone have photo's of either the shop frontages or interior shots of the shops and workshops.
  • Whatever Happened To... Those little frames Rattrays used for display purposes in the shop - or the wee cream & red Commer delivery van that they used to own ?
  • Racing Scots... I'd love to add a downloadable movie showing Flying Scot's or any Scottish club race during the 50s, 60s or 70s. Does anyone have one they could spare or loan for use, and if not already in digital format, allow it to be converted ? as part of the need to increase the coverage of Scots being used for what they were intended.
  • Media Folk... If you work for, or used to work for one of the Glasgow based Newspapers - The Daily Record, The Glasgow Herald, The Glasgow Evening Times, Evening Citizen, The Scotish Daily Express. Do you have access to any info relating to Rattrays or the Flying Scots ?

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